Sangha: a word in Pali and Sanskrit meaning "association", "assembly," "company" or "community" One of the most valuable gifts of yoga is the gift of community. From the moment I walked into Just Be, I felt welcomed into a new community, full of people who embraced me as I am with open arms and hearts. The more time I've spent there, the closer I've felt, and the more I've considered the studio and its yogis to be my second family. It's something that makes Just Be incredibly unique in the modern day yoga world, which is commonly dominated by gyms or commericalized studios where oftentimes community fostering is on the backburner.

While our practice on our mat still stays personal and sacred at Just Be, a community of friends and family forms in the space between classes, at events, and even when we accidentally reach over and poke someone with our toe in an open downdog. Something I love about Just Be is the fearlessness to be open with one another, whether that be scooting over our mat to make space for a new student, or sharing how we're feeling with the class when the teacher asks how everyone's doing that day. Communication is expected and welcomed in this space, and because of this, Just Be is more than just a studio. It's a family.

Just Be inspires connection on a deeper level than small talk before class- it inspires the cultivation of deeply intimate relationships through powerful shared experiences on and off the mat. Yoga can pull out deep emotional responses, even tears of sorrow or joy, and yogis in the studio are remarkably able to hold space for everyone at Just Be.

I love the Just Be community, and I've recently found more and more of my friends outside of the studio being drawn into the space. Friends have been taking my class and others, and enjoying themselves! It's beginning to feel like more than simple support of my passion, and more like cultivation of a new interest or chapter in their lives. This studio welcomes everyone and anyone, and it calls out to many with its shining light and open hearts.

As Just Be approaches its second anniversary, I couldn't be more grateful for everything it's given me. Love. Connection. A healing space. Family. Community. Friendship. Sangha.