Tonight Ivivva had a dream-catching, goal setting party that I was asked to teach a quick yoga class at. I love being able to work with young girls and expose them to yoga at a young and impressionable age for the many blessings it's brought into my life, such as self-confidence, compassion, and dedication. All these gifts are ones I wish I had when I was in middle or elementary school, and being able to share a potential pathway to them through Ivivva is an incredible opportunity.The theme of the party was creating realistic, achievable goals that still stretch your limits and challenge your abilities. Learning these skills at ages as young as the Ivivva demographic is so thoughtful of the store and its team, and I can't thank them enough for creating such a positive environment for young girls to thrive in.

Yeah, I know they're practically taller than me.

Ivivva asked me to teach so they could share a bit of my story with the girls. I don't often like to put my practice or teaching in the context of my age, but it certainly was dream-chasing to complete a 200 teacher training the fall of my junior year of high school! Even the day before training began, I was uncertain about taking the leap. It seemed like too much time away from school work, too young of an age, too wild of an idea. And yet, in a decision that still delightfully surprises me today, I dove right in.

In wasn't pretty, of course. I remember being anxious for weeks beforehand, begging my mom for reassurance that I was doing the right thing, and holding back tears the first night of training (okay, I may have quietly cried in the bathroom, but I made it!). But I'll never forget the first practice we all shared together that first night, taught by Jenni. As we lay in savasana, she said, "For some of you, you're beginning a transformation tonight."

If I hadn't gone through with teacher training, my entire life would be different. I wouldn't be as passionate, confident, or secure as I am today, and I'm certain I would regret not trusting myself to take on the challenging opportunity. I had a goal- to prove to Jenni that her generosity in offering this training to me was appreciated and well-deserved, and to prove to myself that I'm capable of so much more than I believe.

I couldn't have done it without my support system, of course. It's important to rely on yourself to achieve your goals, but building a strong community around you is extremely important. That's why I want to stay dedicated to the Ivivva and Lululemon community, and help create and foster that support system for everyone, in all their endeavors. A Lululemon-sponsored class at Just Be sparked my practice, and Ivivva has helped me spread my voice. I can only hope to become a bigger advocate for taking the leap of faith into a new and exciting future- changing your life stems not just from an idea, but from the journey and the actions after.

Someday, these Ivivva girls will be the ones running the show, and I hope they do so with the confidence and grace they already radiate.