Everyday Goddesses: Meg Doll

Everyday Goddesses: Meg Doll
Meg is many things to me: an inspiration, a teacher, a bright light, and a soul sister. I followed her blog and podcasting ventures for years before we finally connected over our similar paths healing from an eating disorder with whole foods. Since appearing on her podcast this past year and getting to know Meg a little better, I'm grateful to call her my friend.


I knew that Meg had to be a part of this series, as she is an embodiment of the term "Everyday Goddess," and I couldn't be more excited to share her words with you today.




"I appreciate my body for what it can do and I love then when I show and give my body love, it loves me right back. Love truly is our greatest healer."


Who are you? What is "your story?"

These two questions - "who are you?" and "what is your story?" - would have stumped me several years ago. For much of my life, I didn't know who I was because I spent the majority of my time running away from myself and fighting who and what I was. For much of my life I hated myself and wished my life away. However, today I stand strong and know exactly who I am and own my story wholeheartedly.


I am Meg Doll, a holistic nutritionist passionate about supporting women throughout their journey to find health and self love. After spending much of my life battling an eating disorder that nearly robbed my life away, one of my biggest passions is to help other women heal from similar mental battles and health struggles. As a result of my history with eating disorders, I also struggled with digestive and hormonal issues, as well, so these two aspects are also pieces of my areas of expertise. I believe that a real food eating style is extremely supportive for our healing, however, I believe that love is our greatest healer of all. Self love is something I talk a lot about and is one of my greatest passions, for sure, however, I feel as though the majority of the world sees "self love" as some fluffy topic that isn't totally necessary. This is exactly why it is my mission to teach the world the truth about self love and how incredibly necessary it actually is. We need love to heal. You can follow the perfect diet, exercise regime, and meditate every single day. However, if you do not love yourself, full healing will never take place. I want to teach the world the importance of self love and HOW to get themselves to a place of radical, shiny, heart-filling self love.


Of course, there is so much more to who I am than what I have wrote in the above two paragraphs. I am Canadian, a fur mom to my insanely-cute puppy, Penny, a wanna be chef, a co-host of the podcast, The Nourished Podcast, a soon to be author of my upcoming book, Keto Freedom, and a lover of mugs filled with tea, essential oils, long walks, family time, dancing to Ed Sheeran, deadlifts, swimming, and travel. You can discover more about me on my website megtherhn.com or by following me on Instagram at @megtherhn.

"For much of my life, I didn't know who I was because I spent the majority of my time running away from myself and fighting who and what I was."

What does a healthy relationship with food mean to you?


When I think of a healthy relationship with food, I think of that relationship allowing me to answer "yes" to the following questions:


Does it make me happy?


Does it make me healthy? 


For years/the majority of my life I complicated and obsessed over food, which resulted in a very disordered and stressful relationship with it. When I came to my rock bottom/breaking point, I realized that all I truly wanted to FEEL in my life was HAPPINESS and HEALTH. So, I made a decision to do everything in my life with my HAPPINESS and HEALTH at the forefront of all of my decisions.
If someone asked me to go out for dinner, I would ask myself: Is this going to make me happy? And, is this going to make me healthy? If I could answer, YES, to each of these questions, I knew I was making the right decision and that I would be one step closer to how I truly wanted to FEEL in my life and one step farther away from my rock bottom.


It is important to note that HAPPINESS and HEALTH will be different for everyone and it is even more important to note that HEALTH does not necessarily mean kale salads and juice cleanses. In fact, that's likely not what it meant for me at all. Especially the juice cleanses. You won't ever catch me doing a juice cleanse because that wouldn't make me HAPPY or HEALTHY.


What I mean is... ice cream isn't necessary considered a "health food", however, I have answered YES to ice cream before when asking myself these two important questions because I knew that by saying YES I was saying NO to a disordered relationship I used to have with food. Sometimes, ice cream on a hot summer day is exactly what you need in order to be HAPPY and HEALTHY - mind, body, and soul.


On the flip side, these two questions also allowed me to connect with my body on a deeper level and really become intuitive - without anyone else's rules swaying me one way or another. I got to learn from my body and understand that I don't do well with certain foods like grains, for an example, so saying no to grains satisfies my happy and healthy principle and I know I am doing good for my body and honoring the knowledge I have for it.


These two words pulled me out of a very disordered relationship with food. Today, I no longer have to ask myself these questions on a daily basis and now my happy, healthy relationship with food involves me eating whatever I want, whenever I want, honoring my body, listening to the cues it gives me, and absolutely NO obsession. I show my body love with the foods I choose to nourish it with and, therefore, it loves me back. Love heals.


salad .jpg

"I show my body love with the foods I choose to nourish it with and, therefore, it loves me back. Love heals."


 How has your relationship with your body changed over time?


I used to see my body as something that needed fixing. I couldn't look in the mirror without picking myself apart and searching for things that were "wrong."


Today, I no longer see myself as something that needs fixing and I think this is so important for all of us to heal. We do not need to be fixed. We are whole as we are right now and when we can see ourselves with this new mindset, everything changes.


I appreciate my body for what it can do and I love then when I show and give my body love, it loves me right back. Love truly is our greatest healer. 


What does it mean to you to be "strong?"


Instead of thinking "being strong" as something that only applies to the amount of weight I can deadlift, I like to think of being strong applying to how strong I am mind, body, and soul. How strong is my positive self talk? (mind) Am I able to go throughout the winter without catching a cold? (body) Am I able to pray for people when they are mean or rude to me? (soul) These are just a few ways that you can be strong without going to the gym and obsessing over how much weight you can push over your head.



"I used to see my body as something that needed fixing."

 Describe the fearlessly authentic you.


The fearlessly authentic me is not afraid to listen to her gut and do the things that don't seem impossible at first. The fearlessly authentic me is open, shares, and aspires to help others by being open and sharing her story. The fearlessly authentic me is full of ideas and dreams and, although the long list of them is somewhat overwhelming at times, she will always tackle whatever she feels pulled to do at the time. I live my life this way and it is so much fun.



Don't miss out on Meg's upcoming book "Keto Freedom," filled with all kinds of inspiration, love, and (of course) good food. Learn more at Meg's website, megtherhn.com.